The Second Age

With Octavius destroyed by the gods, the world began to rebuild. The alliances between the orcs and the barbarian tribes held true, but were held together by thin strands. Delmaranthe became a fractured continent. Most dire was the remnants of Karak Sol, the mighty dwarven empire. Laid to waist as a show of power over the gods, Octavius sent a large force of his army, backed by dragons and demons. What remains was the largest casualty of the First Age, the Wastes, a massive, growing desert in the East.

It would be several hundred years, waring with the inhabitants of the Wastes and the thin peace with the more savage races of Delmaranthe before the next large threat would loom over Solestria. In what appeared to be a brewing war with the followers of Tiamat in a place known as Elsir Vale. A group of heroes joined forces with the locals to turn the tide and slay the leaders of the Red Hand and stop the demonic incursion into the world.

What did occur was the reemergence of Balphazar, the Jade Phoenix and younger brother of Octavius after all of these years, guised in the body of a twelve year old child. It is said that he traversed Hell itself and brought his brothers back. Be that true or not, Octavius made his return and with him the reforged blade, Godslayer.

In the coming years Octavius would once again grow to power and challenge the gods. He would surgically strike them down one by one before they could unite against him. It is said that the legendary heroes of Elsir Vale, joined with the mightiest of Delmaranthe to combat against the Reborn Defiant King. The group, banding together the free peoples of the continent and obtaining god-hood themselves. With newfound power, they stormed the ruins of Godholm and struck the Defiant King down once more.

The second destruction of the Defiant King and the death of the old gods, marked the end of the Second Age. The new gods stepped in a filled the roles of their predecessors. Many would continue their works of glory and power while others would hold only a fraction of their former believers.

The Second Age

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