The Old Gods

Before the end of the Second Age, Solestria was overseen by the entities referred in this age as the old gods. These beings were paragons of Solestria’s inhabitants and until their death by the hands of Octavius, the Defiant King during his second reign. Their power returned to the One and was distributed to a new group of gods, each of whom was once a great mortal of legend. The gods below were slain one by one by Octavius thus leading to the end of the Second Age.

Akatosh: dragon god of the sun and time

Septim: god of justice and balance

Julianous: wisdom, logic, and magic

Stendarr: mercy, healing, protection

Mara: mother goddess, goddess of love, hearth, marriage, old queen of the gods.

Dibella: beauty, music, art

Arkay: god of the cycle, life, death

Kynareth: goddess of nature and the elements

Zenithar: work and commerce, crafting, building

Maylagos: evil god of war, bloodshed, war, battle, chaos

Shea: evil goddess of lust, magic, sin

Verul: evil god of disease and plague, famine, undeath

Tiamat: killed in the defiant war by Octavious’ brothers, she however still has a very large following in the dragon and dragon-kin community, those who refuse to worship any other diety.

The One Who Is All: old elven god believed to be the creator of all that is, stories tell that it passed its power onto the new gods near the end of the Second Defiant War in order to save its creation.

The Old Gods

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