Prehistory and the First Age

Long ago there was chaos on Solestria. Out of chaos came the first gods. These gods changed the world and created the first races. These original races flourished, fought, and existed long before the beginning of written history.

When the First Age begins has been debated by many scholars. Many agree that its epoch revolves around the crowning of Octavius, the man who would unite the lands of Delmaranthe under one rule. Allying himself with the Dwarven Kingdoms both in the North and West, the Barbarian tribes, and the Elves on the Isle of Wyrd. He ushered in an age of prosperity and peace unseen since. And the union of nations came together in the center of Delmaranthe and built the city of Godholm, a place bridging the gap between the celestial realms and the mortal plane.

It is unknown what exactly happened to cause the shift in both disposition and view, but over-night Octavius chose to blaspheme the gods he once worshipped. What happened was a schism in the belief structure of the continent. Many followed Octavius, becoming known as Defiants. The Defiants swept the continent, targeting those who wielded divine power, be it for good or evil. What happened was the near extinction of the clerics and priests of many of the old gods.

In response the allied nations of Delmaranthe, including the orc tribes joined together and marched on Godholm. Led by Baron Tyrian Tevillir, the armies began a three week siege of the famed city. The battle was turning in the favor of the allied forces of Delmaranthe, until Octavius rode into battle with his brothers. The three cut a line straight to Tevillir and a fierce battle began. It is said that the three brothers dispatched all in the area but the Baron, leaving him to face the Defiant King alone. Legend states that in that defining moment Octavius blasphemed Septim in front of one of his most devoted followers, Tevillir. In response Tevillir’s eyes shone with divine light and his voice became that of Septim himself responding to Octavius that the gods indeed do exist and his war was over.

The battle raged for three days. With Tevillir (the new avatar of Septim) fighting the Defiant King with no rest. In the end Tevillir struck the final blow and in addition to slaying Octavius’ body, utterly destroyed his soul. This ended the First Age, the gods triumphant and the Defiant King destroyed.

Prehistory and the First Age

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