The Elvin Homeland.

Eyllisesti (land of magic)

Overview: Eyllisesti is the island home of the elves. It is also a magical focal point where all the magical laylines meet. There, the Weave is most powerful, and the island’s inhabitants have developed a natural affinity to the arcane. It has also led to bizarre mutations among the indigenous flora and fauna. This tie to the arcane has led outsiders to refer to the island as The Island of the Wyrd or The Wyrd Isle.

Geography: Eyllisesti is a triangular island, vaguely shaped like an arrowhead pointing east. The west side of the island has a shallow bay called Du’Varinarth. A small chain of mountains, called the Caladhral Mountains, hugs the northern coast. They are worn low with time and the elves contend that they are the oldest mountains in the world. Hidden within these mountains is the Tomb of Kings, where all elvin monarchs are buried. The exact location of the Tomb of Kings is known only to a select few. Also within this mountain range is one of the seven Arcane Towers, Hathrimar, which sits atop Mt. Iselaethus. Most of the island is taken up by a dense and ancient forest called Eythermahs. The elves once had many settlements and roads throughout Eythermahs, but the elves abandoned the forest after the Defiant Wars and the forest has since consumed all signs of civilization. Before the Defiant Wars, the great temple of the One God stood at the center of the island within Eythermahs, where all the magical laylines meet. Many believe the temple still stands. . . . Eyllisesti has one lake in the north-east called Suminarith. Many fables are told of an island and a castle that was once at the center of the lake. Legend says that a jealous lover put a curse on the castle and the maiden that lived there to sleep forever under the water. The only other major bodies of water are the rivers, Dinuath and Nestari. Both rivers begin in the Caladhral Mountains. Dinuath empties into Du’Varinarth and Nestari flows into the Arnal Sea to the south.

Elves: The elves have lived on Eyllisesti for all of recorded history. All elves can trace their lineage to Eyllisesti, and it is still the only place that high elves call home. Some scholars attribute their longevity and natural adeptness of the arcane to their connection to the island. The elves of Eyllisesti revere the magical arts and hold arcane magic users it high regard, especially wizards.

Government: The elves are jointly ruled by a monarch and a High Counsel of mages. The king is meant to govern and the High Counsel is meant to be both the voice of the people and the king. It is the duty of the High Counsel to keep the king informed of the wishes of the people, but it is also the Counsel’s duty to enforce to the king’s laws. The king is chosen through primogeniture, meaning that the first born of the previous king inherits the throne. Women can and have inherited the throne, but sons take precedence over daughters, usually. A good king is expected to enforce just laws, arbitrate disputes among the noble houses, and protect the nation from foreign threats. Eyllisesti is currently ruled by Queen Tinovluin of the royal house Tyr’Frianatri. The High Counsel always contains twenty two seats, each seat belonging to one of the twenty two noble families. This guarantees that all the noble houses are represented. When a seat opens up, the High Counsel votes on which of the deceased member’s relatives will replace him. Any member of that house in eligible as long as he is of age and is a mage of sufficient skill.

Noble Houses: The following are a few of the Noble Houses.

House Hunithanea’var, Holders of the Seventh Seat on the High Counsel

House Motto: Truth before all else.

Members of this house are known for their bluntness and pragmatism. They also pride themselves on their equestrian skills. The children of this house are taught to ride at an early age and the stables at the house’s estate are the grandest on the island. The most respected members of this house have horses as familiars. This house’s current representative on the High Counsel is Lord Mendelion IV.

House Beslianitea, Holders of the Eleventh Seat of the High Counsel

House Motto: Beauty nourishes the soul.

This house is known for producing talented illusionists. Women of the house are famed for their beauty, though whether that beauty is natural of magically enhanced is the cause of much gossip. House Beslianitea treasures beautiful things. Its members are vigorous patrons of the arts, and the house’s estate outside of the city of Arnoth is a haven for artist, poets and musicians. Lord Cordil is the current representative on the High Counsel.

House Aleasanitryn, Holders of the Thirteenth Seat of the High Counsel

House Motto: Secrets are Power.

House Aleasanitryn are natural schemers. Political intrigue is a common and perhaps natural element of the High Counsel, but members of this house thrive on the art of politicking. It is easily the most influential of the noble houses. Many attempts have been made to wrestle power from this house but none have succeeded. Lady Iliandra represents House Aleasanitryn at the High Counsel.

House Sethundlin’oth, Holders of the Seventeenth Seat of the High Counsel

House Motto: Bound by duty.

This house is known for its stoicism and sense of duty. Because of this, members of this house sometimes serve the Royal Court as arcane warriors and body guards for the queen. They are more martial in nature than the other houses. It is perhaps the only house where the members are just as comfortable with a sword as with a spellbook. Lord Surinar II holds the house’s seat at the High Counsel.

House Ilvinihal, Holders of the Nineteenth Seat of the High Counsel

House Motto: The meek shall rejoice.

This house is a soft spoken and subtle group. They are known for their modesty and piety. Many members of this house choose to pursue a life in the clergy rather than devote themselves to government. Many members of this house also have a natural affinity to water. House Ilvinihal produses good swimmers. It is said that the legendary sunken castle in Lake Suminarith belonged to House Ilvinihal. The House is represented at the High Counsel by Lady Uvriel.

Elvin Cities

Arnoth: Located in the south of the island only a few miles outside of Eythermahs. Arnoth is the capitol city of the elves. It is also the largest city on the island. The Royal Palace and the High Counsel Chambers are located here. All the noble houses keep homes in Arnoth for when the High Counsel meets.

Simrretyn: Located in the north in the foothills of the Caladhral Mountains. Simrretyn is home to the best stone masons and jewelers alive.

Aerfel: Located at the eastern most point of the island at the tip of the arrowhead. The city is perched on the edge of a cliff, and is sometimes called the City of Towers because the residents build up instead of horizontally. The city guard has taken to using giant eagles to patrol the city more effectively. Aerfel is also the location of one of the Arcane Towers, Sylria and the Cresent Cathedral, which is dedicated to Corellion.

Myrthumil: One if two cities that are situated along Du’Varinarth, Myrthumil sits at the mouth of the Dinuath River. It has the largest port in Eyllisesti. The Royal Navy docks at Myrthumil and the bulk on the island’s overseas trade takes place in this city.

Dwinitas: The other of two cities that are situated along Du’Varinarth, Dwinitas is along the north-western coast. The city is well known for its coral jewelry and craftworks, which is acquired through trade with a local population of mermaids.


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