The Elves are broken into five distinct races: High Elves, Elves, Wood Elves, Wild Elves, and the Drow.

The High Elves (or moon elves) are the ruling class of the elven world, presiding over their island kingdom as mages and nobility. Compared to what is referred to as a common elf, there is little difference in appearance. However the high elf is on average more intelligent and less dexterous.

The Elf (or sun elves) are the common class of the elven world, acting as craftsmen, warriors, and the bulk of elves known to the world. Their joining into nobility is impossible and any noble bears a child with a sun elf will have the child also be a sun elf. The difference really has less to do with race and is mostly associated with upbringing, with sun elves having much less education than their noble brothers and sisters.

Wood and Wild elves were once of the same lineage. Long before the first age of man, they split from the elven communities and retreated to the main continent. Their connection to the magical ley-lines flowing through their homeland changed them over time and their connection to Solestria itself. The Wood elves live in vast forested communities in the Central and Northern parts of Delmaranthe. They,like their elven brothers and sisters, still hold an air of civility.

Unlike the Wood elves, the Wild elves have taken a more barbaric path in life. Their harsh live has left them an untrusting warrior race in the Southlands. Their might could even earn them respect in the harsh north amongst the barbarian tribes there.

It is said that elves no longer dabble in the arts of necromancy, as to avoid the sins of their past. Long ago, a group of elven necromancers unlocked dark secrets buried away by the dark gods. They were tainted by the evil they unleashed and were marked with their dark art. In response, the elven council banished them forever from the island. They are rumored to have fled to the main continent and secluded themselves deep underground. The Drow as they call themselves are rarely seen, except for the occasional assault on the elven island in their slim hope of recovering lore lost to them. Any elf using necromantic magic has a risk of becoming tainted themselves and the High Council is always vigilant for necromancers in the elven world.


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