Adventure Log
The Spire

Asking the King of Montague was probably the last thing a group of elves and a group of dwarves wanted to do in seeking access to the Spire. However his denial was retracted as the High Enchanter offered a solution. Access to the Spire in return for the Libris Demonica, a book detailing the demons who plague the south. So accompaned by their Spellguard “babysitter” and the “half-human” the awkwardness of group dynamics knows no bounds with the group as they brave the Spires gates.

At the Gates and entering the Spire, they begin to face the forces of nearly two thousand years of magical influence as even the foliage outside attacks with a ravenous hunger. Now finding refuge in the library, our heroes meet the enigmatic Archemedies, a strange being, willing to help for the chance of his own freedom. Setting up camp to rest, the heroes dreams are flooded with images and creatures. Some they have encountered, others await them as they scale the ruined academy.


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